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Working in Excel with formulas and data tables

Examples of effective solutions for the daily office work with spreadsheets. Creating reports, graphs and charts, various computing operations using formulas and functions. Information for self-learning, training and productivity in the work of the office staff.

How to work in Excel at the office

3d project of houseProjects of houses and cottages
3d models of beautiful houses and cottages for the interactive viewing in the mode on-line. The mode of clipping is plugged in the interactive viewing. He allows to cut 3d model of house on the axis of Z due to what it is possible by sight to consider the location of rooms into a house.
calculation-discountsHow to calculate discounts in
An example of using a data table to find the best combinations when choosing a discount for a client under certain conditions. Matrix of numbers with conditional formatting. Template with sample analysis and what if, download free.
drop-down-list-macrosCreating a drop-down list in using tools or macros
Create a drop-down list for tables and ranges. We extend its capabilities: creating data substitution and dependent lists, selecting several elements at once. Simple solutions and macro codes.
coefficient-pair-correlationThe coefficient of pair correlation in
The correlation coefficient (the paired correlation coefficient) allows us to discover the interconnection between the series of values. How to calculate the coefficient of pair correlation? The construction of the correlation matrix.
adding-removing-cells-in-excelHow to add cells in an spreadsheet
Inserting and removing cells in the table on the sheet. Adding ranges in the table. Keyboard shortcuts to insert blank cells.
transferring-table-vlookupTransferring of table data via the VLOOKUP function
How to move data from one table to another one using the VLOOKUP function, which allows you not to enter values manually, but to do automatic substitution. The vlookup function works under certain conditions.
find-error-in-excelHow to find an error in the table according to the formula?
The formulas for finding of the errors in the large tables. The formula for displaying of the cell address on the worksheet. This formula contains the error of calculation as the value.
highlight-cells-by-color-conditionIn to highlight the cells by color according the condition
There is the practical example of using of the automatic color coding of cells for the user with a certain difficulty, for table analysis reports.
build-chart-on-tableHow to build a chart on a table in : step by step instruction
How to build a dynamic diagram on a table in Excel? How to quickly add data to an existing histogram? Creating Gantt charts. A step-by-step guide for creating dynamic charts and diagrams.
managing-pivot-tablesManaging Pivot Tables in
Working with pivot tables for filtering, sorting, grouping. Using formulas with the addition of calculated fields. Insert additional columns in the summary report.
download-phone-list-templateDownload excel phone list template
Step by step creation of interactive telephone book template using the INDEX function and the MATCH. Free download database template contacts.
make-crossword-in-excelHow to make a crossword in using standard functions
Creation of an interactive crossword with the verification of the correct answers. Only standard functions without macros are used. Download the finished example of creating a crossword puzzle.
print-area-in-page-breakAdjusting a print area in page break preview view
The advantages of page mode to configure the print multi-page documents and large tables. print management. Saving settings in the manager views.
sorting-data-using-formulasSorting the data in in rows and columns using formulas
How to sort values in several columns or rows, by cell color, in random order, automatically? Sorting is a convenient tool for implementing many tasks.
quickly-move-cursorHow to quickly move the cursor to the sheet cells
Fast navigation of the cursor on the cells of the sheet with the help of hot keys and other effective tools. Set the direction of cursor movement after pressing ENTER.