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Analyses and reports in Excel with the description of their formatting

Constructing of financial analyses for evaluation of business activity and investment projects. Forming reports and documents forms in Excel for accounts department, marketing department, warehouse facilities, and other structures of the company.

Forming of reports analyses with examples

coefficient-pair-correlationThe coefficient of pair correlation in Excel.
The correlation coefficient (the paired correlation coefficient) allows us to discover the interconnection between the series of values. How to calculate the coefficient of pair correlation? The construction of the correlation matrix.
calculation-effective-interest-rateThe calculation of the effective interest rate on loan in Excel.
Calculation of the effective interest rate on the loan, leasing and government bonds is performed using the functions EFFECT, IRR, XIRR, FV, etc. Let's look at examples of how real interest is considered.
budgeting-enterprise-discountsBudgeting of the enterprise in Excel with discounts.
Template for planning the budget of the trading company with the calculation of providing customers discounts. The main advantage is the ability to create loyalty programs with control over the company's profit. Management of discounts, their impact on margin.
turnover-ratio-of-receivablesThe turnover ratio of receivables in Excel.
The factor of turnover of receivables shows the rate of conversion of goods sold into the money supply. Formula by balance, calculation of the indicator in days.
calculation-seniority-workThe program for calculation the seniority of work in Excel download.
The simplest functions and formulas that help to calculate the length of service in Excel. Automated universal table for calculating the length of service.
data-consolidatingThe data consolidating in Excel with examples of usage.
Let's look at the example of practical work how to do data consolidation. Combining the ranges on different sheets and in different books. Consolidated report using formulas.
financial-model-enterpriseThe example of construction the financial model of the enterprise in Excel.
Construction of financial model: order, features, examples of tables with calculations and formulas. Details on drawing up an investment plan, forecasting incomes and expenses.
solving-equations-in-excelSolving equations in Excel using the Cramer and Gauss iterations method.
Solving equations by different formulas, functions and computational tools. Examples of solutions by different methods: selection of the parameter, the method of Cramer, Gauss, iterations.
sensitivity-analysis-projectSensitivity analysis of the investment project download in Excel.
The method of analyzing the sensitivity of the investment project is to assess the impact of changes in input data on the final characteristics of the project. The finished analysis can be downloaded in the sample file.
time-series-analysisTime series analysis and forecasting in Excel with examples.
Time series: analysis and forecasting of values. Tool Analysis package offers the user methods of statistical processing of time series elements. Examples of analysis and forecasting of time series.
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