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Charts and line charts Excel for making reports and presentations

Principles of constructing presentable charts and diagrams in Excel in forming analytical or statistics reports.

Building of diagrams and charts

build-chart-on-tableHow to build a chart on a table in Excel: step by step instruction.
How to build a dynamic diagram on a table in Excel? How to quickly add data to an existing histogram? Creating Gantt charts. A step-by-step guide for creating dynamic charts and diagrams.
percent-charts-in-excelPercent charts in Excel: creation instruction.
How to construct a percentage chart: circular and columnar (histogram). A step-by-step guide with pictures. Percentage ratio on different types of diagrams.
draw-charts-in-excelDraw charts in excel according to the table.
The rules for plotting under various conditions with the ability to edit the elements of graphs.
create-column-chart-with-lineHow to create a column chart and to combine it with a line in Excel.
Histograms: updated and accumulated, the sequence of their construction. In which cases is it necessary to combine the histogram with the graph and how?
trendline-in-chartsTrendline in Excel on different charts.
Examples of adding, managing and constructing a trend line on different types of graphs. And also the mapping of its equations and functions. Equations on graphs with a trend line.