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Function and formulas in Excel with examples

Description of the functions in Excel with pictures and examples of their application in practice.

Functions for efficient settlement

text-functionsFunctions for working with text in Excel.
To process string data, the functions of working with text are used. Examples of application of TEXT functions, separation and consolidation of text data, SEARCH, LEFT, RIGHT, MID, LEN, etc.
functions-for-matrix-in-excelFunctions for working with a matrix in Excel.
The spreadsheet itself is a commensurate matrix. With the help of array functions, you can perform various matrix operations: solve, add, multiply, find the determinant and the inverse matrix.
concatenate-function-examplesThe concatenate function in Excel: syntax and usage examples.
The CONCATENATE function combines several values in different cells into one. Works with strings and text values. But there are ways to link columns and dates with numbers.
how-find-arithmetic-meanHow to find the arithmetic mean in Excel?.
How to find the mean values using the built-in functions. We consider the arithmetic mean, incl. by condition; Mean percentage, standard deviation. We find the weighted average price.
how-use-vlookup-functionHow to use the VLOOKUP function in two tables Excel.
Practical use of the VLOOK function on the example of two tables. Advantages and disadvantages. An example of a combination of using VLOOK with other functions performed in an array loop.
how-round-numbers-in-excelHow to round numbers in large and smaller side of the Excel.
Rounding functions according to mathematical laws, to the nearest larger or smaller and modulo. Rounding to the nearest integer, even and odd, to thousands and to the desired bit of fractional numbers.
examples-using-countifCOUNTIF function in Excel and examples of using it.
Syntax and features of the COUNT function. Examples with one or more criteria, multiple ranges, counting numeric and text values. Combination of functions: SUBTOTAL and COUNTIF.
random-number-generators-in-excelRandom number generator Excel in functions and data analysis.
Make a random number generator using the RAND and RANDBETWEEN functions. How to generate a data array with a normal distribution and build a histogram?
using-sumif-and-sumifsExamples of using SUMIF function with some criteria in Excel.
The functions SUMIF and SUMIFS allow you to summarize data satisfying one or more conditions. This is useful when working with long lists with multiple columns.
logical-functions-examplesLogical functions in Excel with the examples of their use.
Logic functions check the validity of user defined conditions and return a value depending on the result. Huge opportunities are provided by the operator IF.
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