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Formatting data in Excel tables for making accounts and calculations

Application examples of formatting Excel data of various types for computationally intensive calculations.

Changing of cells format in data tables

transfer-data-tableTransfer of data from one Excel table to another one.
You can transfer table data within one sheet, as well as to another sheet or to another file. In this case, you can copy either the entire table, or its individual values, properties or parameters.
signs-after-decimal-separatorFilling cells in Excel by the signs after decimal separator.
Errors when rounding numbers using the cell format. The setting for automatic insertion with a comma when dividing the decimals of money amounts (cents).
make-selection-from-listHow to make a selection in Excel from the list with conditional formatting?.
Effective applications of the combination of conditional formatting and the drop-down list to retrieve data groups from the table by condition. How to quickly make to the simple sampling of identical cells?
transformation-text-to-numberThe transformation of the text to a number in the Excel cell.
How to convert to a text into a number using the Error menu, the simplest mathematical operations, special insertion, the tool Text on columns and macros.
hide-display-rows-columnsHow to hide or display rows and columns in Excel.
Set visibility of the data by hiding the rows and the columns. Formatting of the document for easy viewing and preparation for printing. Displaying of the hidden data in the rows and the columns.
transpose-table-to-excelThree ways how to transpose the table to Excel.
You can transpose the table via the TRANSPOSE function with using the special insert and creating the PivotTable. All methods are different from each other functionally and effectively.
conversion-number-in-currencyThe conversion of the number in the currency format on the condition.
There are automatic assignment of the currency format with different currency for the entire column on the condition and the highlighting of duplicate cells with color with the same value.
find-identical-values-in-columnHow to find Identifying Duplicate values in Excel column?.
The searching of the duplicate cells values in the whole table or in the single column. How we can automatically to find the duplicates date and to highlight them with color in the large control list?
comparison-two-tablesComparison of two tables in Excel for finding matches in columns.
Comparison of two lists in a single sheet on the coincidence of data. Color highlighting of missing values in two similar tables by content.
conditional-formatting-trainingConditional formatting training in Excel with examples.
Conditional formatting serves to visualize information on a user-defined rule. How to use and in which cases it is rational to apply this effective tool.