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Excel formulas for calculation different types of data with examples and description

Ready solutions for Excel with the help of formulas working with data spans in the process of complex computations and calculations.

Computing operations with the help of formulas

find-error-in-excelHow to find an error in the Excel table according to the formula?.
The formulas for finding of the errors in the large tables. The formula for displaying of the cell address on the worksheet. This formula contains the error of calculation as the value.
finding-value-in-column-rowFinding of the value in the column and the row of the Excel table.
How to do the automatic search of the values in Excel columns and rows? The example of the structure of the formula, that can be easily changed for solving problems of this kind.
raise-number-to-powerHow to raise a number to a power in Excel using the formula and operator.
Examples of work with powers in numerical calculations with the help of an operator in formulas and functions. The format of writing numbers with a degree in cells. Extraction of the root of a degree.
absolute-link-in-excelAbsolute link in Excel fixes the cell in the formula.
Examples of using absolute references in formulas. The purpose and benefits of mixed cell references. How to fix a cell in a formula in Excel?
calculating-percentage-sum-numbersThe way of calculating the percentage from the sum of numbers in Excel.
How to find the percentage of the number, the sum of the numbers, the percentage difference? Multiplication, addition and other actions; Calculation of interest on the loan by means of functions and formulas.
calculate-margin-in-excelHow to calculate margin and extra charge in Excel.
Examples of calculation of margin by formulas in Excel. Definition of concepts mark-up and margin, their difference between themselves. And also the calculation of margins for known margin indicators. Or calculate the margin for known margins.
calculate-percentages-in-excelAdd and take the percent from number in Excel with the examples.
Formulas for performing interest calculation operations in Excel. The formula for calculating VAT and charting with interest.
cost-production-calculationCost of production with the example of calculation in Excel.
Several versions of the calculation of the cost of production in the tables, samples of which can be downloaded free of charge. A detailed description of the principles of the calculation algorithm and its articles.
work-in-excel-with-formulasThe work in excel with formulas and tables for dummies.
Formulas in Excel for Dummies: the rules of administration, the operators, the use of absolute and relative references. How to set the formula for a column? tables AutoComplete.