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Analyses and reports
ABC and XYZ analysis in with example of calculation.
There is calculation of KPI in the : examples and formulas.
The calculation of credit in and the formula of monthly payments.
Regression and correlation analysis in : instruction execution.
Goal Seek selection of parameters and examples of its use.
Download template of the investment project analysis in .
Labor Force Participation Rate: application and calculation in .
Subtotals in with examples of functions.
Forecasting sales in and time series analysis algorithm.
SWOT analysis: the weak and strong sides of the enterprise in example.
Coefficient of variation: formula and calculation in . Interpretation of results.
Calculating IRR in using functions and chart.
Management accounting in with examples.
BCG Matrix: construction and analysis in with example.
Factor and variance analysis in with automated calculations.
Working capital ratio for inventories availability.
Calculation of the moving average in and forecasting.
Transport task in with example and description.
Macro analysis using pest analysis in with example.
Current assets to equity ratio in .
Return On Equity – ROE in .
Time series analysis and forecasting in with examples.
Sensitivity analysis of the investment project download in .
Solving equations in using the Cramer and Gauss iterations method.
The example of construction the financial model of the enterprise in .
The data consolidating in with examples of usage.
The program for calculation the seniority of work in download.
The turnover ratio of receivables in .
Budgeting of the enterprise in with discounts.
The calculation of the effective interest rate on loan in .
The coefficient of pair correlation in .