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Creating a table in Excel with examples for self-training

Examples of creating Excel tables for reports, sheets, sub-documents and presentations. Creating of tables with formatting description and stylesheet editing.

Creating of smart tables

adding-removing-cells-in-excelHow to add cells in an Excel spreadsheet.
Inserting and removing cells in the table on the sheet. Adding ranges in the table. Keyboard shortcuts to insert blank cells.
move-table-from-excel-to-wordHow to move a table from Excel into Word without error.
Transfer tables between MS Office programs. Import data into a spreadsheet that supports text encoding characters. How to move the table as a graphic object for further editing?
working-with-excel-tablesWorking with Excel tables for dummies: a step-by-step instruction.
How to create a table: instruction for beginners. Several options for creating spreadsheets for dummies. Guide to the development of intelligent and dynamic table. The huge dynamic range.
insert-row-or-columnHow to insert a row or a column in Excel.
Insert and delete rows and columns of the sheet. Shortcuts to quickly add and delete rows and columns. Editing the price lists of tables.
creating-managing-tablesCreating and managing tables in Excel.
Working with data tables, from the simple to create complex tables adjustments.