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Master classes and trainings with Excel examples

Real-life workshops of Excel use with detailed description and templates of the program’s functions execution.

Master class in Excel with examples

calculation-discountsHow to calculate discounts in Excel.
An example of using a data table to find the best combinations when choosing a discount for a client under certain conditions. Matrix of numbers with conditional formatting. Template with sample analysis and what if, download free.
analysis-investment-projectAnalysis of the investment project to download in Excel.
A detailed calculation of the investment project in Excel will help novice businessmen determine profitability, profitability index, internal rate of return and simulate risks.
searching-value-in-rangeThe searching of the value in a range Excel table in columns and rows.
Optimal search analysis for an approximate value in the range of the data matrix. Creation of a tool for planning and setting goals according to the table with the possibility of a massive search for the most optimal indicators relative to the original value.
calculation-break-even-pointCalculation of break-even point with examples in Excel.
The break-even point model allows to assess the economic state of the enterprise, its financial stability. Calculate the critical level and build a schedule, will help with examples of ready solutions that you can download for free.
excel-array-formula-examplesWorking with Excel array formula examples.
Examples of using one-dimensional and two-dimensional arrays of functions. Advantages of using functions in an array. Description of the syntax of formulas.
calculation-production-costsCalculation of production costs in Excel.
A ready-made costing template with a detailed description of the formulas allows you to automate the planned calculation. Step-by-step calculation of the price of finished goods and products.
sales-plan-with-forecastHow to create a sales plan in Excel with a forecast graph.
Sales plan for the month and an example of its compilation with detailed step-by-step instructions. Detailed plan for sections with pictures and descriptions. We analyze the fulfillment of the forecast indicators.
expenses-incomes-family-budgetThe table of expenses and incomes of the family budget in Excel.
Create a family budget plan in the Excel spreadsheet and its advanced customization using formulas. And also to download the ready template - a personal budget for a month.
free-inventory-in-excelFree inventory control in Excel – there is the program without macros and programming.
How to organize warehouse accounting using formulas: tips, secrets, formulas and functions. Independently do directories, income, expenditure and turnover sheets. Automate the filling.